Opacho is a follower of Hao-sama!

((OOC: Thank youuu))


((To all the nice people who wished me good luck for my finals <3!
I still have 1 final and 3 works, but I can appear now
/sends Opacho love))


Hao-sama likes it!

*Eats soup with soy sauce*

((OOC: Finals))

((Hey o/

Uhm, before anything, I wanted to say I’m very happy to meet you all <3 It’s nice to RP with you and gosh a Shaman King RP was what my life needed xD

So, I’m posting to let you know that if I don’t appear too much this week it’s because I’m in the week of final exams at uni. I also have a lot of work to do and everything will end in July 8th, but since the 1st I’ll be able to enter more -that’s when biggest exams end-.

Thank you beforehand ;A; -sends love-))

You know who you are.




//laughs with fervor

Do not make me laugh. You cannot bait me, Asakura

And as for you, little African girl, you are nothing more than his pawn.
He will discard you immediately if it serves his purpose.
Blind sheep being lead to the slaughter.
Do not speak to me so casually.

You’re just envy Opacho is qualified for being a close follower of Hao-sama and you aren’t~

And a sheep is way bigger than an insect, Tao Ren! *smiles*

… Envy?
You think I envy you for being a follower of Hao?

You’ve got to be out of your mind.

Opacho isn’t out of her mind.

And you?